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Local Attractions

When you come to stay with us at Limepark, in addition to experiencing it’s beautiful surroundings, we’re only a stone’s throw away from some of the awe-inspiring sights Northern Ireland has to offer.

  • Giant’s Causeway

    Located just over 20 minutes away by car, the Giant’s Causeway is the very definition of beauty! Made up of 40,000 black basalt stone columns, the Giant’s Causeway attracts almost a million visitors every year who come to see this natural wonder. We are so lucky to be near one of the greatest sights the world has to offer, and we even have some of the Causeway stones within Limepark’s gardens!

  • Bushmills Distillery

    Based 20 minutes away, Bushmills Distillery is not just an acclaimed distillery with a rich and varied history, but its place in the world has been truly cemented, and is a world-renowned brand. Since its founding in 1608, it has had a rich variety of whiskey on offer, and you can sample the delights of Bushmills Distillery on guided and private tours.

  • The Dark Hedges

    Only 5 minutes away from Limepark. While the eagle-eyed among you may have noticed this as a location in Game of Thrones, make no mistake, there’s no doors to be held here! An atmospheric avenue of trees between Armoy and Stranocum, the Dark Hedges was created after James Stuart built a house around 1775, where over 150 beech trees were planted along the entrance road. According to legend, the Hedges are visited by “The Grey Lady,” who is a ghost who travels the road from tree to tree, who is either the spirit of James Stuart’s daughter or one of the housemaids. The Dark Hedges is an amazing photogenic location you won’t want to miss.

  • Dunluce Castle

    This medieval castle is 25 minutes away on the coast and is only accessible via bridge. This castle was originally built in the 13th century by Richard Óg de Burgh, the 2nd Earl of Ulster, and is characterised by the extremely deep drops on each side. It has such a vast history, including it being the seat of the Earl of Antrim until the Battle of the Boyne. The cannons in the gatehouses were from the La Girona, a galleass from the Spanish Armada which was wrecked on the nearby rocks. And it has served as an inspiration to many pieces of popular culture, you need to see this castle for yourself, up close and personal.

  • Rathlin Island

    Located just over an hour away, Rathlin Island is the only inhabited offshore island of Northern Ireland and is home to a population of just over 150 people. Despite its modest population, Rathlin Island is home to thousands of seabirds and has a rich history. Rathlin was the site of the first Viking raids on Ireland, was a place of refuge by Robert the Bruce, and, in 1917, the HMS Drake was torpedoed off the coast of Rathlin. Small? Yes. Rich and detailed? You bet!

  • Kinbane Castle

    Located between Ballycastle and Ballintoy and just 15 minutes away from Limepark, Kinbane means “Whitehead,” which refers to the white limestone the castle stands on. Located in the town of Cregganboy, it is home to some of the most stunning scenery on the entire west coast of Northern Ireland. While the castle is now classed as ruins, make no mistake, these ruins provide plenty of photo opportunities, with views of nearby Rathlin Island and the Dunagregor Iron Age fort, this is one ruin that won’t “ruin” your holiday!

  • Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

    A short 20-minute drive away, this bridge links to the island of Carrick A Rede and is one of the big tourist attractions in the local area. It was believed that fishermen have been building bridges to the island for over 300 years. While fishermen do not use it as much these days, this rope bridge is the perfect opportunity to marvel at the northern coast of Ireland. Not only can you see nearby Rathlin Island, but on a clear day, you can see as far as Scotland! But if you look closer, underneath the bridge are large caves that were home for boat builders and used as shelter during adverse weather conditions.

  • Ballintoy Harbour

    While the quaint town of Ballintoy may have a very small population, the harbour is a big draw. Based 20 minutes away by car, Ballintoy Harbour means “Town of the North.” Built with limestone blocks, the harbour is home to a crowd of small boats and brings people from miles around. For the Game of Thrones fans, Ballintoy is better known as the Greyjoy Kingdom of Pyke. But for the rest of us, it is one of the best places to see the northern coast. The nearby sand dunes make it an ideal place to witness some of the most beautiful sights for miles around. The harbour extends to Sheep Island and along to Larrybane, where you can get a stunning 180-degree view of the coast. Home to popular walks, from White Park to Ballintoy and is a short 13-minute drive to the Giant’s Causeway, Ballintoy Harbour is the perfect starting point for an amazing chance to explore the northern coast of Ireland

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